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Electronic Sessions! Second Best?? I think Not.... And Here's Why.....

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

Recently I wrote a Blog for the Centre of Integral Health. If you didn’t catch it? To summarize…….

I spoke about how I find that online counselling gives more freedom. Freedom of location, more choice of when you would like the session, even how you choose to sit during the session. Trust me, I have looked up many noses, and even found that before I know it I am poking at my eye.

It can give more of a sense of connection. You may find that you will open up easier and feel more emotionally connected to me as your counsellor. This is primarily because we are actually sitting much closer. Traditionally we may sit at a distance, facing each other on chairs: but on the screen, our faces are much more closer and facial expressions are much more noticeable.

Online and by telephone sessions can be much more relaxed. I find it can slow down the pace of the discussions, and give even more breathing time to reflect on what each of us has just said.

I have found that all of my clients that transitioned to online and telephone sessions have said they enjoy it, and most have said they prefer it. Both adults and young people.

As long as your counsellor is aware of the limitations and the changes that electronic sessions can bring, then it can be a very powerful.

You have more choice of where you have the sessions. In your garden? In your conservatory? In your car, or even out in your favourite spot in nature. Which naturally leads me to the next blog post on outdoor/walk-and-talk sessions…. Watch this space.

I am always checking in with my clients, that electronic sessions are still suiting them. Inc what they feel they are gaining from them, and if they feel it is creating limits for them. We can then work with trying to improve the experience. Truly, so far, there have not been any concerns, only the initial concerns of how it will work.

The reason I have done these blogs is because I want everyone to consider the art of electronic sessions. I worry that people are out there needing support and are just ruling out electronic support.

What has been your experience of electronic sessions? Or are they something you just won’t consider.

Consider these questions when evaluating your own electronic experience:

What did you gain from seeing your practitioner face-to face?

Did you get this need filled when you went electronically?

What would help you consider electronic sessions?

What stops you from getting support via electronic means?

Is it worth trying?

Catch my original post via The Centre For Integral Health Website


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