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Burnout. Exams. Stress management. Neurodiversity awareness

I am seeing and supporting a lot of exam stress….

Along with an empathetic ear to help recognise and implement their own strategies. I also offer the following basic self-care methods.

- utilise self-soothing activities that recharge batteries. this can be very individual and even include just escaping into watching films or series.

- break revision into smaller manageable chunks. 25 minutes revision. Ten minutes to rest. Set a timer. Break it down so it’s not so overwhelming

- eat breakfast, eat regularly and wholefoods where possible


- fight procrastination to be able to enjoy relaxation time and not fall into guilt spirals


- try and enjoy successes

- have rewards when goals have completed. Even small tasks that are difficult to complete

- try and have an organised study space. And where possible, study away from bedroom or the area that is used to relax in

- allow yourself to listen to music, or have sound on in the background. Body doubling rooms can be great for some

- use what revision methods work for you. Some absorb information audibly, such as through videos. Some visually, so through reading, others by doing, such as note taking. - becareful to not push yourself too hard and want to achieve too much… leading to overwhelm or a constant sense of failure

- use revision lessons where possible so you can enjoy your relaxation time when home

Useful links for further information and advice:

ADHD burnout. Information and strategies -

Autistic burnout information -

Stress management strategies -

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