Electronic Sessions 


I am registered with the ACTO as a recognised trained provider of Electronic Counselling. I have completed the BACP training requirements to be able to offer electronic counselling, including email, message, phone and online sessions. I have found there is a collective view that this form of counselling is not as effective as face-to-face. However, in my experience it brings its own dynamic and effectiveness that face-to-face does not. You could find that you talk more during online or telephone sessions, or because you are not focused on my reactions or body-language, you may find it easier to talk more openly.


I can adapt creative methods to be used online, sending you weekly resources, and depending on what method I feel would benefit you, occasionally I do suggest switching between different mediums. But of course, the choice will ultimately be yours. 

As with my face-to-face work with Children, I can I support any age as long as they are able to engage online via video or telephone.

Like face-to-face session, if you choose to have either telephone or online counselling, we would have an initial meet. But if you would like to explore message or email counselling, click here to find additional details. 

Unsure on how online counselling would work? Tutorials.