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INDIVIDUAL - Returning to Face-to-Face Information Sheet - Covid-19

PARENT - Returning to Face-to-Face Information Sheet - Covid-19


I have now made the decision to offer counselling solely electronically. Unfortunately due to the creative methods I use I have to make the painful choice to not accept any new children under 13. However, I will continue to develop my skills and knowledge to be able to change this very soon.



After careful consideration I am not returning to face-to-face until at least mid-July. This decision will be reviewed then.



Am devising risk assessments, researching and making plans to offer walk-and-talk/outdoor counselling to children (and adults upon request) so we are able to return to face-to-face sessions and I am able to see some of the families that have been in contact during this pandemic. I hope to have this ready and operational by mid-July after completing the required training and paperwork. It is paramount to me that you and your family are safe. 


Have now opened up my waiting list and am offering sessions to children under 13 online. 


All safety paperwork completed and I am now offering outdoor sessions to Adults only. Continuing to offer Electronic sessions to both Adults and Children


Offering outdoor sessions to Adults and Young People. The main walk offered is by the walk is the weir, to ensure safety as well as confidentiality. However, if preferred, I have another walk for Adults who would prefer a more rural location.  Electronic sessions to both Adults and Children. 

Risk Assessments completed and Covid-19 Policy completed to return face-to-face traditional counselling in a room, However, at this time I am not deeming it safe enough to yet return. 


Face-to-Face sessions will be available on Fridays only. Hopefully f2f sessions will resume from the end of October. Taking request now. Will only be offered to a small number of people who will be assessed on whether face-to-face sessions is essential. Otherwise online or outdoor will be offered. 


Only emergencies are being seen Face-to-Face in a room. Online and outdoor sessions available. 


Returning to online and outdoor only. If meeting young people outdoors, then parents are to keep masks on, maintain two meters distance at all time and minimise conversation outdoors. More information sharing out of sessions. I will then support your child 1:1 within the gov agreement 'that we can meet one person outside from another household'.  Not returning face-to-face in a room until further notice. 


I currently offer face-to-face sessions where absolutely necessary and this is individually assessed. I continue to offer online sessions and outdoors to anyone who finds it difficult to meet online. Please be aware I only offer outdoors to a small number of people, and so when these spaces are full I'm afraid I can not offer outdoors until a space becomes available. Stay safe out there.


I do three weekly lateral flow tests.


I intend to return to offering face-to-face sessions from April 15th (in accordance to the Gov plan). These will initially be set days. On either a Thursday morning or Saturdays ONLY. It is advisable to book early as these days have started to already get booked up quickly.



I continue to offer mainly outdoor and online sessions. However I have been offering face-to-face sessions at The Roy Fletcher Centre on Thursday mornings. with the intention of offering afternoon sessions. From September I will be offering face-to-face sessions on a Saturday for anyone who wants to move from outdoor sessions. The outdoor sessions have been very well received with most existing clients wanting to continue outdoors. 


I continue to offer face-to-face appointments, with an updated risk assessment and working agreement. Online and outdoor sessions still available. 


Masks now optional. Covid-19 agreement updated. Covid-19 safety questions continue to be asked before the sessions. Lateral flow tests now reduced to twice weekly. Electronic and outdoor sessions will be available as standard going forward. 


Restrictions lifted. No covid-19 safety texts are sent in the morning. However all are requested not to come to sessions if they test positive for Covid-19. Masks continue to be optional and rooms allow 2 meters distance.