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Tip 9 💕

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

Primary and Secondary emotions.

Did you know, that according to some studies (and how INSIDE OUT beautifully illustrated to us), there are only Five primary emotions (JOY, FEAR, DISGUST, SADNESS AND ANGER) with layers of other emotions that can feed the main ones. So taking the time to maybe look at what is causing some distress in you, will help you communicate more clearly or tend to your needs.

By writing down how you feel, you can then start to look what other emotions maybe causing it. By starting with the primary emotion you can then ask your self why? And look at the emotions wheel for what other emotions you have that maybe underneath.

One way could be to use a spider diagram? However you feel would work for you. Please feel free to play around and use the diagram below to help you look deeper into your emotions.

PARENTS To help understand what could be driving your child's primary emotions, it maybe as simple as asking. Asking why they are angry, or sad. Trying to get them to connect with what else is going on for them and help them realise that they can discuss it without you reacting to the presenting emotion. E.g. Sadness, could be feeding from a sense of loathing or disapproval? See the diagram below to see how emotions can interlink and flow between the primary feelings.


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