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Tip 3 💕 22.04.2020

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

The use of Art 🙂

Oh, the use of creative and artistic methods are invaluable and forever expanding past imagination. I could not possibly discuss all that it is, in one post, but I do want to at least share how you could use some of the very basics at home. I want to first reiterate that I am not saying to practice Art Therapy methods, but to use Art and creativity as a form of communication or as a form of self-expression and reflection 😊

Art can be used to check in with the unconscious and be able to just draw/create' and step back, look at your created truth, through your own knowledge of self and evaluate. I find that Art is an excellent way to aid communication, and I use it often to develop relationships and to be able to express thoughts and feelings, without having to be verbal. With this in mind, if you feel you or your child is struggling to verbalize feelings or the feelings behind behaviours: it may be time to grab some paper and some creative materials. If only just to have some quiet time for yourself, or with you child. Maybe ask yourself or your child a specific question and then just draw or create. The important bit is at the end: Ask yourself or your child what different things mean, what the colours mean, the shapes, the images. (remember: if you are supporting someone else explore their creation, it is important not to interpret or judge, but to just listen and ask questions [I will be doing a future post on 'active listening and judgement]) Maybe you could write keywords next to specific parts of the image if you or your child struggle to say them out loud. Do not be offended if your child does not want to share. They will have gotten some truth or at least some relaxation from their work. NOTE: Always acknowledge the positive qualities and notice your/your child’s own ability to create beauty/something of importance/value.

I have included a couple of art exercises to help you on your way to explore and release some thoughts and feelings. I do have a key sheet, which explains colour meanings, position, lines drawn, which can be requested directly from me, however I do urge the creator to explore the image or creation, as they will know their own views and opinions Have fun, and again, use this as an aid to help relax, express yourself, or help your little ones to explore their world, while having fun and spending time together.

Stay safe 💕

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