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Tip 2 💕 14.05.2020

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

More easy and quick ideas, to help you, or your children, during these times.

Another technique I think could be useful, is the use of blank cards.

I like to use them a lot in my sessions, as well as for my own reflection and chill time. Usually the size of playing cards, or whatever suits you, they are easy to grab and create if I’m struggling to understand my thoughts or feelings. The cards can either be made or bought. Now there are so many ways to use blank cards. For conversation pieces, for gambling chips 😉 (if you win, answer a question) etc, they are very versatile.

A couple of examples when helping children communicate are: Picking a colour and ask your child to name that colour as a feeling. Now, on one side, you can either draw lots of different things that represent that colour (e.g. green = frog, etc) or just use the colour itself. Once you have done this you can get creative. Play snap, or poker, or anything really, and the winner (or loser) has to say when they have felt the colour (example) or play uno and again when a colour comes up, name a positive or negative situation when that feeling comes up. Then carefully discuss. Listen without judgement. Or use the other side of the card, to ask a question relating to the colour (e.g. blue = I feel sad when...) , or draw different situations when you or your child feel a that colour (e.g. yellow = happy = being at the beach), or even how it feels in the body (e.g. angry = stomach hurts) I hope you get the idea? Get creative. It can be interactive and can either be used to start a conversation, create a positivity jar, or cards that your child can reference to and maybe hold up if they are feeling a certain way. Or maybe just a reminder to go and do things that make you feel happy, when you’re feeling sad.

Remember! You can also, do any of the suggestions yourself. I have. (attached is a pic of how some of my own positive affirmation and feeling cards. Guess which one’s anger/frustration 😂) They are great for doing some positive affirmation that you can keep with you. Write ‘I am...’ on one side, followed by something positive about yourself, and do an artistic representation on the other side 😊

It just helps recognise feelings and how they relate to some situations, as well as some possible triggers currently. You can also then identify coping strategies and possibly write these on the back of the emotion or underneath. Play around. And at least, it is fun.

I even have white board ones, for the idea of being able to wipe away difficult feelings 👍

Stay safe,

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