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Tip 12 💕

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

As we start to think about returning back to school and ponder whether we have everything and wonder how we are going to get everything done.... If feels natural to discuss the humble List!

Our love of to-do lists can be narrowed down to three reasons: they dampen anxiety about the chaos of life; they give us a structure, a plan that we can stick to; and they are proof of what we have achieved that day, week or month. They can help with organisation and relieving anxiety.

There are five main health benefits of making lists:

1. Reduce Anxiety: A list will help to ease fears of not achieving the necessary. As soon as you start writing things down and get it out of your head — your stress levels will drop.

2. Boost Your Brain Power: The act of making a list uses parts of your brain that might not normally get used.

3. Improve Focus: Using your list as a roadmap will help you focus on aspects of your life. You could find that soon you are getting much more done throughout the day and have time to do the things you really love.

4. Increase Self Esteem: Crossing off completed tasks boosts self esteem and really helps to keep you motivated and productive.

5. Organize Your Thoughts: Writing down what you want to achieve helps create an action plan on how you are going to achieve them


Creating small, age appropriate and manageable lists with your children can be really helpful to give them a sense of responsibility, develop self-esteem and help manage any anxiety. You can support your children to then prioritise or create a action plan. Especially useful for our teenagers who are beginning to experience and manage responsibility and self-reliance

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