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Tip 10 💕

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

Freeing emotions through movement - DANCE

Emotions are not merely mental phenomena; they are stored in the body as well. Sitting too much and hardly ever expressing ourselves through movement only makes matters worse. A stagnant body begets a stagnant mental and emotional state, and vice versa. A lack of physical movement creates blockages in energy flow.

1. Assess your physical, mental and emotional state How are you feeling? What emotions are you experiencing? Where in your body do you feel it? What do your thought patterns look like right now?

2. Put on a song you love Choose a song that instantly invigorates you and makes you feel good.

3. Feel your body’s reaction to the song Be mindful of any changes that occur when you hear the song.

4. Move intuitively Dance like no one is watching. Don’t think, just move. Don’t let your mind get in the way. Give yourself permission to move freely, however that may look.

5. Dance for at least five minutes It doesn’t have to be a long practice that’s difficult to squeeze into your day. Five minutes is all you need. I usually feel a profound shift in my being after five minutes of dancing.

6. Send your body gratitude Be thankful for your wonderful body. Immerse yourself in gratitude.

7. Reassess your physical, mental and emotional state Dip into a state of mindfulness and notice any changes in your physical, mental, or emotional states. Chances are you feel a lot better.

PARENTS Dance with your children, or encourage them to use movement to express and release any pent up emotions

Click the image to link to - The Best Songs To Reduce Anxiety And Stress

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