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Tip 1 💕 06.04.2020

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

Just a little tip from me to you during this time.

To help with anxiety in children. I usually suggest some creative ways to help with grounding and breathing techniques.

Using the breathing exercise (but you may need to half the time for very little ones) I suggest using a expandable magic ball. If your child sometimes likes to do things their way 😉 then using the ball can be a disguise to slipping in breathing techniques.

You could get creative and use anything in the house, I bet you have lots of slime you could expand and squidge back together.

I also use bubbles. Easily made with washing up liquid and your fingers or a straw. And again, using the breathing techniques: it helps bring little ones back into the present and allow you to start a dialogue about what’s going on for them during this time.

These are my two favourites, that I find most useful, coupled with the 5,4,3,2,1 technique. But once you know the breathing techniques there are a vast amount of different methods... go have a look.

Remember, breathing slows our body down and can ground us, so as adults we can use these breathing exercises too.

Stay safe

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