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Outdoor Counselling.... Lets go walking. It's too beautiful to pass.

I have been so lucky to be able to go out everyday and check out my walk. It’s amazing how just being out for a short while can affect your mood. The walk I have chosen is right by the river too so I get all the good feelings from the water and watch it either trickle or gush past.

Within this walk I have everything. There are little spots that are right by the river, away from the main walk-path. There’s a huge grassy area where I can sit with children, or use the play area. There’s narrow secluded walk-ways next to the river, where you can have more privacy. And just choose to sit and enjoy the weather, the peace and the water.

I have been out in the sun and the rain, and each brings it’s own quality and experience. Luckily I do come equipped with ponchos and umbrellas and fluffy socks just in case you need to warm up after. But being in the different climates offer their own challenges or joy.

Being outside brings such a different element to counselling. It allows you to experience what you do and don’t enjoy, gives you more control in where you would like to go, and do. And just being in nature and outdoors can give us much more energy and clarity: mix that with seeing me and it can only enhance the counselling experience. But hey, if outdoor isn’t for you. I also work in a room, where you can choose to be surrounded by art and creative materials, or just sit and experience. Or even enjoy electronic counselling, which I consider extremely valuable and offers a different therapeutic experience that face-to-face work does not. That’s why sometimes I like to offer changing between the different experiences as it can help reflect and experience different things.

Within my little Mary Poppins backpack there will also be a sketch book and drawing materials, if you wish to explore creative methods while we are outdoors.

There is a café here too, and it does amazing sandwiches 😊

Please go to my main website and check out the beautiful full range of pictures and videos of the walks I offer. If you are interested in exploring counselling with me or would like more information, you can contact me here


During outdoor/walk-and-talk sessions, I will be following all government guidelines in regards to Covid-19 and social distancing. This is included in my risk assessments.

I’m afraid I only offer the narrow paths next to the river to Adults and children over 13, if I feel they will be safe enough. Children will be offered the large grassy area, the main path and the play area (when safe to use)

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