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Mental Health Week - 18.05.2020

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

This week is Mental Health Week and the focus is KINDNESS

With this in mind, I wanted to suggest a couple of creative and fun activities that can be done either yourself or with your children.

In 2015 there was a big movement of passing on kindness through Art or Rocks. I was in two-minds whether to suggest this. On one hand, I think the idea is perfect and very much needed with what is going on right now. On the other, I do not want to promote the spread of the infection. So please, do not leave Art or Rocks in the community if you feel unwell.

Doing small pieces of Art (Tip 2) with small positive quotes and then leaving them in the community for others to find. Also, creating rocks with positive words and pictures. I recommend using acrylic paint or pens to create the art on the rocks (but you can try and use anything you have lying around [I used tipp-ex once]) and pva glue is the easiest way to seal the art. (have fun on your rock hunt). Imagine how it would feel finding one 😊

How about creating hugs for missed loved ones. Using pictures, art and words, and sending them through the post, with letters or quotes of happiness. So perfect right now. Please share any creations so we can see the kindness passed on.

You could also explore what kindness means to you. What was your first memories of kindness? What did it feel like? How do you show kindness? Draw it. You could explore this through journaling (Tip 4) or Art (Tip 3)

I think focusing on kindness at this time is perfect. Especially kindness towards yourself?

How are you kind to yourself? What ways are you caring for yourself right now? No-one talks to you as much as you talk to yourself. So what do you tell yourself?

Stay safe and be kind. Especially on yourself

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