Messaging and Email Counselling 


Using email or messages can give you additional anonymity, as well as allowing you more time to think about what you are communicating. You will also find, that sometimes just writing out your thoughts, will give you a lot of insight and release.

Since we will not meet via a real-time platform, please contact me for the  asynchronous counselling contract. It outlines how I will support you, what I offer and what you can gain from this method of counselling. It also includes questions which will help us evaluate whether I am the counsellor for you.

Advantages of email counselling

  • The main benefits of email counselling is allows time for reflection. All thoughts and feelings can be written down which can often be difficult to express when talking.

  • Gives anonymity. It allows to stay hidden.

  • You can link to websites, apps or additional resources.

  • You can write the email and before you send it and can add to it when you like.