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'I attended sessions with jade after struggling with anxieties and depression. It took a lot for me to get to my first session as I struggle to open up to people i know, let alone someone I don’t know, but I instantly felt calm and relaxed with her, she was very professional and patient. I actually began to enjoy the sessions and looked forward to them each week, whether it was just talking, being creative, dealing with traumas or teaching me coping strategies it was at my pace. I am grateful for the help I’ve received and continue to use the strategies I learnt now. I would definitely recommend jade.' O. 



'I was feeling really stuck and overwhelmed before seeing Jade. I was amazed at how many old feelings came up and how they had been secretly influencing me over the years. I'm just me now.' - H 

'It's nice to talk to someone normal'

Even in three sessions my child's anxiety had completely been changed. Jade taught my daughter to accept and change her mindset. Thank you. 

'I can't believe how much telephone sessions suited me. I never would have thought. I think I talked more and learnt new things about myself' - A.

'I reached out to Jade when I became worried about my teenage daughter, she had become withdrawn and stopped talking to us, she was struggling at school and became distant. At first, she was not keen to go to sessions, but after a few, where she played games and did artwork with Jade, she began to enjoy them and honestly and openly talked to jade about her worries without any pressure. It gave her the confidence and ability to talk to me again. It has helped her and our family massively.' P.

'She says she really likes to come and see you. She said you just get her and she is realising so much while also having fun. Thank you.' - J

'It had all gotten too much moving from college to university, I needed some help dealing with the stress and anxiety. My mum found Jade and she really helped me deal with the issues. Now I'm doing well at university and I know if I ever need someone to talk to Jade will be there.' J. 

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